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Within the Chilika lake, the island is called Parikud. Parikud consists of 96 Mouzas. It is a sum total of about 120 revenue villages and some hamlets. Parikud is confined to the block area Krishna Prasad Panchayat Samiti. The entire land mass runs some 50 kilometres from Samantraypur to Jahaikuda and Mahinsa Brahmpur. It is sorrounded by Chilika and the sea at the other. Parikud is a vast landmass with fertile cultivable lands.

Raja Bhagirath Manasingh sifted his capital from Bankara garh (Banpur) to Krushna Prasad. There is a legend suggesting that a milkman who informed the king about the crane killing an eagle, the king was fascinated to shift his capital to this place and the capital was, named after 'Krishnaprasad'. It was during the period of Bhagirathi Mansingh who erected the royal palace in the year 1798. The king also donated a village for Brahmins (sasan) which is known as Bhagirathipur Sasan.
The population of Parikud is now at about 1,20,000. The main occupation of this place is farming and fishing. The fishermen community live on fishing in Chilika and others are farmers. For catching prawn and cultivating it, the controversy has started ending in firing. However the Government of Orissa has banned this and peace is prevailing. The Mother Goddess Kalijai and Chilika is under the Tehsil of Parikud (Krishna Prasad Tehsil). Due to the communication link and the spread of education Parikud has advanced at least and no more a place for punishment.