Royal antique rooms with attach bathrooms.


 How to Reach

From Bhubaneswar to Balugaon by Road 90km.
From Puri to Balugaon by road 130km.
From Balugaon to Krushna Prasad (Parikud) by boat 14km.
From Barkul Panthanivas to Krushna Prasad (Parikud) by Boat 10km.
From Satapada to Krushna Prasad (Parikud) 33km.


 By Road

Balugaon to Krushna Prasad (Parikud) 70km.
Berhampur to Krushna Prasad (Parikud) 70km.
Via - Palur Junction.
Bhubaneswar to Krushna Prasad (Parikud) 160, Via - Balugaon, Rambha, Palur Junction.
Puri to Krushna Prasad,172 k.m. by new Jagannath road,via-Rameswar,Palur Junction to Krushnaprasad palace.


Room Category Single Room
Royal Two (2) Occupancy
Combine Room (Suit for the Family) Double Room
Royal Combine


It Includes Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Royal combine has two separate Rooms attached together with a common entrance for four.

Boats available on request (Chargeable).